About us

About us

Researched and written by dedicated lottery specialists, the accessible game information you’ll find on Lotto.org will give you all the information you need to get playing now — and more.

Not only that, our experts have created a variety of number tools to help you search through previous game draw data and find statistical insight and analysis. They’re easy to use and completely free, and we’re confident that they’ll keep you coming back to use time and again.

Once you’ve played your game, you can check the results easily here too, and all in a matter of minutes.

Lotto.org Does Not Sell Tickets

Although we offer first-class worldwide lottery game information, we do not sell tickets on Lotto.org. We simply provide the information so that you can make a more rounded decision about whether you want to play a certain lottery game.

We highly recommend confirming your jurisdiction or country of residence’s legal standpoint on online lottery games before you start playing.