SuperLotto Plus Game

SuperLotto Plus

Latest Result

16 Oct 2021
1 35 36 43 44
Mega 3
$27 Million 20x Rollover

Current Jackpot

$27 Million

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In a Word

SuperLotto Plus is one of the most trusted and popular lotteries in the USA. With a simple game format, $1 ticket price, and uncapped jackpots, it’s no wonder the game has become such a big hit with players in California and beyond.

Vital SuperLotto Plus Information

Cost per SuperLotto Plus ticket

Local $1
Online $2.50+

*Players buying online through third-party retailers pay more to cover administration fees. You may have to play a pre-defined number of lines to place an order.

Draw Days Wed and Sat
Draw Time 7:45pm EST
Sales Stop 7:45pm EST

Jackpot Size

Starting $7 Million
Maximum Uncapped
*Supplementary Games

2nd Chance Draw

There is no guarantee the 2nd Chance Draw will be available to those playing online through third-party retailers.

Odds and Prizes

There are plenty of ways to win a prize with SuperLotto Plus. Find this information, as well as the overall odds and jackpot odds, below.

Overall Odds 1 in 23
Ways to Win 9
Jackpot Odds 1 in 41,416,353

How To Play At A Glance

Important Info

Legal age to play


Prize Claim Period

Up to 180 Days

Prize Tax Requirements


Country of Origin

United States of America


California State Lottery

Can Winners Remain Anonymous?


Can Syndicates Play?


Advance Draws

Up to 20 Draws

Likes and Dislikes

How To Play SuperLotto Plus

Main Draw

Select five numbers from 1-47, and pick one Mega number from 1-27.

Choose your Numbers

Choose your numbers yourself or use the Quick Pick option to have your numbers randomly generated.

Extra Chance

You will automatically be assigned another code that allows you to enter the 2nd Chance draw.


You can play up to five lines per ticket. You will also need to mark on your ticket whether you want to enter the Wednesday or Saturday draw, or both.

Multiple Draws

You can play two, eight, 16 or 20 draws in advance. If playing online with a third-party retailer, you can often play several months in advance.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

The numbers you need to match to win a prize and the odds of doing so for SuperLotto Plus are outlined in the table below:

Match Odds
5 + 1 1 in 41,416,353
5 + 0 1 in 1,592,937
4 + 1 1 in 197,221
4 + 0 1 in 7,585
3 + 1 1 in 4,810
3 + 0 1 in 185
2 + 1 1 in 361
1 + 1 1 in 74
0 + 1 1 in 49

How to Play the 2nd Chance Draw

With every SuperLotto Plus ticket you purchase, you also receive a 2nd Chance draw code.

Submit your code so it is eligible for the draw. You can do this online via the official lottery website or via the official lottery mobile app.

You don’t have to submit your code at the same time you purchase your main draw ticket; 2nd Chance codes are valid for 180 days.

The entry deadline for each weekly draw is 11:59pm PST on Saturday, and 2nd Chance draws take place within five days of the entry deadline.

To win one of the five $15,000 cash prizes up for grabs, simply match your 13-digit code with one of the five codes drawn.

Prizes and Odds for the 2nd Chance Draw

As it’s styled like a raffle, the odds of winning in any 2nd Chance draw depend on how many codes have been entered into that particular draw.

Payment Options

Cash or annuity

SuperLotto Plus jackpots can be claimed as a cash lump sum or as an annuity. Those who opt for the former will receive a reduced one-off payment, which must be claimed within 60 days of the draw taking place or it will default to the annuity option.

The annuity consists of 30 annual payments made over 29 years.

The process you will have to go through to claim your prize differs depending on whether you have played through an official lottery retailer, or online via a third-party retailer.

Official retailer

If your prize is $599 or under, it can be claimed from any of the lottery’s official retailers across the state.

If your prize is $600 or above you must complete a claim form and, along with your ticket, take it to one of the lottery’s district offices.

Third-party retailer

If you have purchased your ticket through a third-party retailer and win, it is best to contact their customer support for more information on how to claim your prize.

SuperLotto Plus History

  • 1986

    • The game launches as California Super Lotto.
  • 2000

    • The current 5/47 and 1/27 game format is introduced.
  • 2002

    • California Super Lotto is rebranded to SuperLotto Plus.
    • Largest jackpot to date is won in February, with three players splitting $193 million.


Who operates SuperLotto Plus?

California State Lottery.

How much does a SuperLotto Plus ticket cost?

$1 when purchased through an official retail outlet.

How much do tickets cost online?

The official lottery website does not offer the option to purchase tickets online, but you can play online through third-party retailers. These tickets cost upwards of $2.50—the extra cost covers administration fees.

Can I play 2nd Chance draw online?

There is no guarantee the 2nd Chance draw will be offered to those purchasing tickets through third-party retailers.

How old do I have to be to play SuperLotto Plus?


Why should I play SuperLotto Plus over other lottery games?

SuperLotto Plus is a very easy game to play. You just pick five numbers from 1-47 and a Mega number from 1-27. The more numbers you match, the larger the prize you receive.

Can I play in advance?

Yes, if you purchase your ticket through an official lottery operator you can play two, eight, 16 or 20 draws in advance.

If playing online through a third-party retailer, you can usually play several months in advance.

What is the 2nd Chance draw?

The 2nd Chance Draw is a free supplementary game offering five $15,000 cash prizes each week. For each ticket purchased, you will be automatically assigned a code which you must submit to be eligible for that week’s draw. Codes are valid for 180 days.

What does the Mega number do?

It increases the prize for those who match one, two, three, four or five of the main draw numbers and the Mega number. You can also match the Mega number on its own to win a prize.

Do I have to match the Mega number to win a prize?

No, but you will need to match at least three main draw numbers to win a prize otherwise.

What are the odds of winning the SuperLotto Plus jackpot?

1 in 41,416,353.

What are the odds of winning a SuperLotto Plus prize?

Only 1 in 23.

What is the largest jackpot won to date?

$193 million, which was won and shared in February 2002 by three players.

If I win the jackpot, how will I receive my prize?

You can choose whether to take your prize as a reduced one-off cash lump sum or as an annuity consisting of 30 instalments. For the former, you will need to claim your prize within 60 days of the draw or it will default to the annuity option.

Can jackpot winners remain anonymous?

No, they are required to share personal information with the operator and the press. This requirement includes those playing online through third-party retailers.

Do residents pay tax on winnings?

Yes, all lottery prizes above $5,000 are subject to a 25% Federal tax. Unlike some other states, there is no state tax to pay in California.

Do non-residents pay tax on winnings?

In addition to the 25% Federal tax you pay for any prize over $5,000, you may also have to pay local taxes in your country of residence.

Can a syndicate play the SuperLotto Plus and win?

Yes, family, friends and work colleagues can form a syndicate and share any winnings. Consider creating a syndicate agreement so that everyone taking part knows what to expect, when and from whom to expect it. This will make things much easier in the event of a big win.

How long do I have to claim my prize?

180 days from the date of the draw.